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“In our time we have come to the stage where the real work of humanity begins. 

It is the time where we partner Creation in the creation of ourselves, in the restoration of the biosphere, the regenesis of society and in the assuming of a new type of culture; the culture of Kindness. 

Herein, we live daily life reconnected and recharged by the Source, so as to become liberated and engaged in the world and in our tasks.” 

--Jean Houston 

Is there an UN-LIVED life inside that is dying to BLOOM?

Are you feeling STUCK in PATTERNS of self-sabotage and NEGATIVITY?

IMAGINE who you could BE if you were FREE from your limiting STORIES?

 Imagine living the life of your WILDEST DREAMS.


Want to know a secret?  YOU absolutely CAN!

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Testimonials from the Align to Shine Community

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About Andrea Lynn Spacek,
Transformational Coach,
E-RYT 500, Bodyworker,
Founder of InVision Feminine Leadership

Most simply, I believe in magic.  Not just that it exists, but that life itself - the body, spirit, this magnificent planet, the universe - is magic, and we are the magicians.  

We get to create a wild masterpiece with our lives, once we finally take a seat in our throne, pick up the paintbrush, and apply the full spectrum of our Self as the paint.  

Thai massage and asana help to unlock and mobilize the energy; meditation and pranayama serve to direct it; coaching accelerates the process; and women's embodiment/ leadership circles help to synthesize mind, body, heart, and purpose through the power of sangha. 

I find myself dancing with them all, in partnership with the Divine Mother, as reflected in YOU.  

YOU are the way.

SHE is the path.

LOVE is the fuel.

WE are the midwives 

for a new consciousness 

being born on Earth.  

I'm so happy you're here.

Andrea Lynn Spacek

Upcoming Events

  • InVision Feminine Leadership - Bloom
    Sun, Oct 03
    Zoom and In Person
    Are you ready see life, yourself, and your relationships with new eyes? Are you ready to realize and reclaim your magnificence? Join in an 8-week soul-journ with InVision Feminine Leadership and take quantum leaps toward your highest visions.
  • InVision Retreat
    Thu, Oct 07
    Gualala 40-Acre Farmstead
    Calling all Wise Women/ Earth Keepers!! Your VOICE - your VISON - your LOVE- your WISDOM is needed. Join a counsel of wise women gathering together to integrate, imagine, and weave a new world into being through movement, song, meditation, activation, and celestial ceremony.
  • Bowl of Light - Maui Retreat
    Sat, Jan 15
    Hale Akua Eco-Retreat
    Join Andrea Spacek, E-RYT 500, Transformational Coach, and Retreat Leader, for a week in paradise. Dive into the magic and the healing powers of the Mana "spiritual life force" that moves through the waters and Aina "environment" at Hale Akua "Home of the Divine" Eco Resort on Maui.


InVision Feminine Leadership (IFL has offered me a safe container and inspired guidance to connect to the warm, and gentle divine feminine and that often times I hide from, for fear of being too vulnerable. I have taken hundreds of hours of teacher training and never have I experienced such ease in finding my center.

I’ve met my inner child, channeled my spirit guides and cautiously felt into the healing that awaits me within my womb. I’ve known that work needs to be done in order to progress in certain areas of my life. However, my ultra independence and fear of vulnerability has blocked me in the past from being as open as I’ve been able to be in IFL. 


I’m so very grateful for the organized, heartfelt and effective way that Andrea has reached me throughout this process. I’ve had so many “Ah-ha” moments. The way she weaves in Tantric guidance is medicine to my heart. She has allowed all the space, and/or attention that I need. Not forcing or pressuring any aspect of the course, so that I can be independent and also be apart of an uplifting and inspiring community of open minded women. It is as much, or as little as we each feel we need. 

I believe Andrea is a visionary mentor with a capacity to change lives, and bring women together in healing love. 


Namaste beautiful leader.

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