"Due to an injury which led to adrenal failure, I have developed fibromyalgia and am unable to receive regular massage. I met Andrea, first, as my Reiki student. We quickly bonded and after speaking with her about Thai massage, I decided to give it a try. I have found Andrea to be a caring, knowledgeable, experienced individual and most importantly, an intuitive listener. She is able to address my needs and accommodate my physical issues with great caring and sensitivity. I would highly recommend her!" ~Cerise LaCore, Auburn Reiki Center, Auburn, CA


"Andrea shows a great strength of intuition during her sessions. My body needs its own kind of attention and Andrea does a wonderful job. I have loved every massage and Reiki treatment. My body, mind and spirit feel more open, energized and balanced. She has beautiful, healing hands." ~ M.M.


"Andrea is Amazing! Her ability to tune-in to your bodies needs and work the areas that need assistance is wonderful. I can feel the energy move and begin to move again more freely. After a session with Andrea I feel more relaxed and energized something that must be experience for yourself. Align Thai Yoga Massage says it all!"~ Doug Parvin


"Andrea has a very healing and nurturing energy throughout her massage. I always leave feeling full of bliss and ease. I had never experienced Thai massage in the past and was leery if it would help my tight and aching muscles from Triathalon training. Andrea uses her body and intuition to stretch, adjust and massage out the muscles I didn’t even know needed attention. Thai massage to me is like a mix between assisted yoga and a deep stretching massage. I would absolutely and have recommended several friends/family to Andrea." ~Taylor


"Thai massage is my favorite type of body work and Andrea is amazing. She gently incorporates moves to help relieve tension in my neck, shoulders and hips while increasing range of motion. Before she starts, Andrea listens to me explain where the stress is and through the session, she listens to the way my body reacts. Thai massage is rejuvenating yet relaxing and I’m so glad to have found Andrea." ~Mary, Teacher


"I was so excited to find Andrea in Auburn, Her work is fabulous! She has helped me keep both my body and mind aligned. I am always amazed at how good my body feels after the work and even more happy with how clear and focused my mind is in the days following. We are truly blessed to have her in Auburn and I would make her gifts a part of your life." ~ Jim


"I leave each massage graced with a sense of profound connection between body, mind, and spirit; truly a healing experience!" – D.K.


"What a difference a massage makes.  Spoke with Andrea prior to the appointment and she clearly wanted to understand my situation to see if she could help prior to making the appointment.  Have had a severe lower back problem for a month, very limited mobility, like hard to put socks on limiting...She has a thorough understanding of anatomy and diagnosed probable cause and went to work.  Feeling really good and have a better sense of root cause and some helpful tips - stretches and exercises for means to continue recovery and prevent future episodes." ~Gerry


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—  Jamie, Writer and Teacher

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