Pressing the Pause Button

This summer has been a whirlwind for me. Being on the road with two small children has its deep joys and even deeper challenges at times. The road always has lessons for us to learn, if we're willing, but finding the space to process them is the challenge.

A reoccurring theme of motherhood has been just that: finding the space to process my life. Finding the extra deep breaths between keeping up with being available to my children, my husband, domestic responsibilities, work obligations, exercise, preparing for the future, and maybe even some down time (novel). It often feels like I'm a fish bowl swimming in circles, chasing my own fish tail.

I think that many of us are living our lives this way. We are so busy trying to keep afloat that we forget to take those extra deep breaths that help our spirits land in our bodies. We spend most of our time energetically far ahead, above, or behind our bodies, rarely living an embodied, integrated experience.

One of the aspects of Thai Massage and Yoga that I am forever grateful for is how it invites us to press the pause button and to allow our spirit, mind, and body to energetically align. In this space, we are given the opportunity to unravel from our patterns, our dramas, and our superficial level of existence, allowing our spirit to reveal itself more clearly. In this space, we are invited to observe is we are thriving or simply surviving.

This is a powerful time to press pause, with the astrological events of the week, and the transition from summer to fall, and I encourage us all to honor it. I am personally choosing to press pause on teaching my weekly yoga classes so that I can reconnect with my personal practice and listen to where it wants to lead me. It has been tugging at me for a while, and it feels loving and true to stop and listen.

So, what is tugging at you for attention in your life? How are you being asked to embody your life, your limbs, your relationships, your purpose? Are you able to pause long enough to listen?

Next Monday, August 13th, I return to normal business hours, happily taking patients for thai massage and private yoga sessions. You can book online here, or text me for an appointment. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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