The Dance of Shiva and Shakti



Over the past few weeks (and, if we're honest, few hundred years), there has been a bubbling to the surface of the imbalance between the masculine and feminine within all of our institutions and our society.


Hollywood scandals, the #MeToo campaign, and our President's general lack of respect for females, has taken a subject that we have been simply coping with, to one that we need to confront.  


No matter how we feel about the subject, I think we can all agree that the waters around gender and sexuality in our culture are best.


There is A LOT to unpack, collectively, and individually, around this subject.  So much so, that it's hard to know where to begin.  


What I do know is that the answer is not "out there" in the restructuring of society, and the healing of all of "them".


Believe me, I wish that was the answer, because then I could just bypass the inner workings of my own heart and mind around gender and sexuality.  I mean, who really wants to dive in to a murky pond?  Sounds slimy to me!  


And yet, that is where the lotus flower grows.  That is where the most fertile soil lies - at the bottom of that murky pond.  Darn it!  


It has come to my attention that balancing the divine masculine and feminine energies and tendencies within ourselves is the way forward for our evolution as a species, and the way toward integrating our mind,body, spirit.


"So, what does that look like?  Where do I begin?"  


Well,a good place to start is through Self Inquiry.  By creating space and time for quiet reflection, wherein, you can allow the body to tell you if or where it feels pushed to hard, or forgotten about; where the breath feels stuck, or circulation dim.  It is the body that has all of this information stored, we just need to create space to listen and access it.  


Each of our bodies are imprinted with all of our beliefs and experiences, which inform our worldview, and ultimately, how we feel.  How we feel, not what we know, is what shapes our human experience.  And balance is something that is felt internally, rather than something that can be measured or meted out in a convenient formula.  


What most of us need to quiet the noise of our busy lives is a safe, quiet, loving container.  Scheduling yourself a