Hang Loose

Ah, sweet summer time. BBQs, gardening, swimming, sun kisses, and the playful energy that comes out of it all. I love giving myself to this energy, riding the waves of action-packed, fully-loaded days.

I also have learned, after many many many crashes, that it is easy to get swallowed up by these waves if you're not paying attention.

It always comes back to balance. And ease.

I love metaphor, because it releases my brain from attaching to specifics, allowing me to take the observer view from the bleachers, rather than get mixed up with the drama on the field below.

The image of the sure-footed surfer is one that I call in during these big swells of activity and fun.

In order to stay attuned and upright, the surfer is deeply rooted in his/her center, open to the changing currents underfoot and ahead. S/he is poised and ready for what's to come from a deep presence and the ease that comes out of trusting intuition.

There is no resistance or bracing for what is or what is to come. Just allowing the ocean to flow below, and he/she with it. Hanging loose to the board, rather than holding on for dear life.

Life just wants to flow through us. It wants to pulse through our bodies and sing through our hearts. We just need to let it.

Sounds so very simple, and it is. What challenges us are all of the earthly things that keep us closed off from receiving, railing against what is because it doesn't line up with what we had planned. All the shoulds and coulds and buts and maybes and not enoughs that manifest from our minds to our hearts and hearts to bodies that keep us from really letting love live through us.

Thai Massage, with its deep lineage and intention of metta, or loving kindness, assists in the deep unraveling from these binds on so many levels.

The act of simply allowing yourself to be held by another is so very powerful on its own, when so many of us need to feel strong and in control in our lives.

It is a truly courageous step that we take when we let ourselves be vulnerable and soft, when the ego and society push us to be superficial and rigid. To live from our hearts, rather than our heads - which is the longest journey we have to take in this lifetime. And the only real one worth taking.

I'm honored and humbled to walk it with you. Until we meet again <3

Save the Date and Spread the Love!

FREE Thai Community Clinic, July 29th, 12-3pm, Yoga Reclaimed, 530 Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn, CA

I'm excited to be joining with a group of amazing Thai Massage Therapists from the surrounding region to offer a FREE Community Clinic here in Auburn. Sessions will be offered at a first-come-first-serve basis, and will be about 20 minutes, based on the numbers. The event is being sponsored by Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage. It's a great way to get a feel for this therapy and to get a little tune up for your system. Stop in, or spread the word to friends!

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—  Jamie, Writer and Teacher

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