Empty Your Cup

"See I've been hollowed from the center, by my place in this big ol' world." ~ Xavier Rudd

I just completed a two-week immersion in a form of Thai Massage called Jap Sen. This type of Thai Massage was developed by Master Lek Chaiya, and passed down to my teacher, Janice Gagnon, founder of Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage.

Also called "Nerve Touch", Jap Sen literally means "to grasp the Sen", which are the energy channels that we focus on in Thai Massage. Jap Sen is a deeper, more therapeutic, approach than traditional Northern Thai Massage. It works to stimulate the flow of "Lom" or wind throughout the body by "twanging" the ridges of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. At the same time, the work is aimed to improve joint function and mobility, and realign the bones.

One of the most powerful aspects of Jap Sen is the deep presence that it requires to be able to intuit where energy is blocked and how to address it on a deeper level. As a recipient, this level of presence and deep work can sometimes ripple out into seismic emotional or energetic release.

We always talk about how we need to fill up our cups, but really, it's an emptying out that is necessary. An emptying out of our pain, of our limiting beliefs, of our roles and identities - an emptying out of our small selves so we can become a hollow reed for the Great Divine to play. This is why we're here. This is who we are. The giving and receiving of thai massage grounds me deeply in this knowing.

This training not only expanded my knowledge of Thai Massage, but, even more importantly, it stretched my heart, and my compassion for myself and others.

The power of this medicine, which is really Metta (loving kindness) through touch, is transformative, and I'm so deeply honored to be able to offer it in service to you.

Namaste, Mahalo, Jai Ma!

P.S. -

Please check out New Rates and Packages. Also, remember that New Clients get 30% off their first session ($70 for 90 minutes) through July 4th, so please spread the word!

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