The Space In Between

Hello beautiful souls,

I envision each of you soaking in the power and vitality of the sunshine, chirping birds, peeping frogs, and blooming flowers. Perhaps you’re playing on the trails, or toiling in the garden, or trying on a new rhythm for your day. Or perhaps you’re where I have been hanging out for the last few weeks – in a sweet, meditative, slightly uncomfortable, limbo. The space in between the trapeze bars.

When I land here, I’m reminded that I’m not ultimately in control of how the cosmic and personal energies ebb and flow, of when opportunities come to me, or when my muse will appear to egg me on. I get a little better at being within the hollowness of this space – a little better at leaning in to trust the process of becoming.

After a stubborn chest cold, and a couple of weeks of houseguests, my whole body ached with stagnation and stiffness. It had been a long time since I felt like Yoga was more of an effort than a joy. So I scheduled myself for some (long overdue) bodywork, followed by a restorative yoga session at Yoga Reclaimed.

Immediately after, I felt like a heavy weight was lifted off of my body and spirit, and things immediately began to flow again. A series of synchronicities, encounters, ideas, and creativity finally were set loose. This was yesterday, which, of course, was also when a big planetary alignment that was in retrograde shifted direct.

Have you experienced a similar feeling of “stuckness” or inertia, followed by a sweet release yesterday or today? I would love to hear your experience. Call or write me with your story.

Next week, I’m excited to emerge myself in a Jap Sen Thai Massage training, which I’ve been looking forward to for the last 6 months. It’s a deeper, more technical, style of Thai Massage that addresses specific issues in the muscles and joints and releases tight attachments. I’m most excited to share what I learn with YOU!

I am out of the office next week for the training, but will be back May 16th through June 22nd (when I leave for a 3 week trip to the East Coast).

Please schedule yourself a session using my online scheduler. If you are feeling called to come see me, but feel that the cost is prohibitive, please contact me at (508) 737-3972. I am happy to find a price or a trade that works for both of us.

May you find peace in the “in between”, joy in the flow, and ease in it all.



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