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Happy New Year! Monday's New Moon in Aires rings in a New Zodiacal Year for us. It's energy supports us in reseting our bodies, spirits, and minds to a new rhythm and vibration. Do you feel it?!

While we culturally celebrate the New Year on January 1, my body and soul absolutely feel that this is truly the new year, shedding my winter "skin" with the encouragement of Spring flowers and tadpoles and chicks bursting out of their shells.

It is the season of resurrection, which you'll know is one of my favorite words if you've been following my ramblings the past few years :) What an amazing superpower we have within us to consciously shift our thoughts, vibration, and therefore, entire experience!

Sometimes we feel like we need to "do" something in the action realm, whether it is a job change, relationship change, purging our closets, or losing weight. And often the change involves "getting rid of" something.

Now, I'm a big fan of purging and order (ask my husband) and making big changes, because it feels really good and productive. And there's absolutely a time and place for that.

But what if, instead of "getting rid of" things that are weighing us down, we let in, or allow, more of what lifts us up?

I've been experiencing this lately with the commitment to eating "clean", following the Whole30 program. I'm not eating any less, actually, I'm quite sure I'm eating more, but I feel so much lighter. Because what I'm consuming is moving through my body with way more ease that processed foods did.

Every time I leave my yoga mat, or a bodywork session, I am left with a feeling of expansion and inner abundance. Through the act of allowing life/breath to consciously move through me, to welcome Prana more wholeheartedly into my body, I'm reminded of the spaciousness that resides within - of the completeness and unfinished-ness of my being. In this space, I have not gotten rid of anything, I merely welcomed in more of what lifts me up, of what helps me align with Source.

It is a deep joy and honor to offer spaces where people can come and practice this art of allowing through Thai Massage and Yoga. There is nothing to "fix", there is nothing to "do". There is just your divine light to shine from a deep well within.

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