Quarantine Routine


Daily Routine

Stick to a daily routine to maintain a foundation and structure for your day.  Make sure it includes some time for YOU - creative play, reading, listening to a podcast while stretching, taking a long bath, exercising, getting OUTSIDE.  


Stay regular with the timing of your activities to help your nervous system ground itself.


Yoga and Meditation

If there was ever a time to commit to a daily meditation and yoga practice, it is NOW.  Sit daily for meditation - any form - just get still, get centered, and BREATHE.  

I am teaching several weekly classes via Zoom (see schedule), and have several pre-recorded practices on YouTube (also below in the library).  

Ask me for a custom class if you want something personalized.  I'm so happy to offer that to you.


Enhance your Lung Capacity

Stay active, either with your Yoga Asana and Pranayama practices, and/or with some cardio exercises.  I love interval training, combining plyometrics with some weights or bodyweight exercises.  Add some jumping squats, or lunges to your asana practice and get your heart pumping!



If your a nervous eater, like me, this is a challenging time to put the chips down.  And it's also important not to overeat for optimal immune function.  Try replacing chips with carrots or cucumbers (or other crunchy veggies).  Add greens into your meals for more nutrients.  Drink more water (your bodyweight in volume).  Reduce late night eating and drinking.  Limit alcohol consumption.


Spiritual Connection

I'm running a weekly Satsanga - Discovering the Power of the Yoga Sutras via Zoom at 5PM live on Sundays.  It's a chance to dive into these perennial teachings with a group of other seekers.  Ask me for more details.

Join in on virtual church gatherings if you're part of a community. Or check out different churches if you're curious.  Here's my husband's church, offering online sermons, and virtual bible studies:  www.1ccauburn.org.  


Listen to spiritually focused podcasts.  Some favorites are:  OnBeing with Krista Tippett and Unlocking Us with Brene Brown.


Community (Friends/Neighbors/Family) Connections

There's nothing more refreshing than a talk with a friend, or loved one to remember that we're all in this together.  It truly is a healing salve for the soul to be in communion with each other.  



If the above list of suggestions feels lofty right now, and even offensive toward the challenges that you're facing, take them in as a possibility, and then do what you need to do for your family and yourself to get through now.  


Identify the resources you DO have to support you and your family right now, and reach out.  I'm here if you need a life-line.  And am available for coaching sessions to help you get a plan together if you're wanting that.  


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—  Jamie, Writer and Teacher

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