Are you longing to live with more FREEDOM and ALIVENESS?

Are you tired of old stories and patterns keeping you STUCK and DISEMPOWERED?

Do you sense that a NEW EARTH begins with YOUR personal EVOLUTION?


Are you ready to RISE up and EMBODY the LEADER within?

Welcome to Invision Feminine Leadership (IFL).

IFL is a temple of consciousness-raising courses, retreats, and individualized journeys, dedicated to the evolution, liberation, and empowerment of feminine leaders world-wide.

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IFL is a path of unfolding the lotus petals of your heart as you remember how to truly see the Self beyond the illusion of "me" and "mine".     


The group container holds you in a cocoon of unconditional love as you face your deepest fears and your deepest longing with the courage of a warrior, and the tender, abiding love of a mother.

Rooted in ancient spiritual texts, ritual, and meditation, and grounded in day-to-day modern living, you learn how to walk the path of the mystic in your daily life.  


You remember that you have the power to weave a new world into being.  

You remember that you have always been the leader of your life, and are called upon now to lead a new way forward for humanity.

This is your birthright, and your responsibility.

You were born for exactly this time.


IFL Summer Session "BLOOM!" begins on 

Sunday, October 3rd, 2021

Claim your seat in a circle of powerful women ready to support each other and the Divine Feminine rising within you by learning how to harness your power, understand your unique blueprint, and fulfill your soul's destiny.

Registration closes on October 2nd, 2021 .

IFL Integration Process

Your 8-week journey is a process of integrating your multi-dimensional Self through meditation, guided visualizations, nature's wisdom, spiritual community, and ancient scriptures and myths. 

What You Will Gain from this Experience


Each module of InVision Feminine Leadership invites you deeper and deeper into the mystery of YOU, who you are, why you are here, and what you long for in the depths of your being.  


Module 3 "Bloom" is about discovering WHO you truly are and your big WHY that drives your decisions, desires, and sense of purpose.  It is a journey in SELF-REALIZATION, and of truly becoming the LEADER of your life, from the inside, out.  


You will leave this Module clear on WHO you are here to be, WHY you desire to acheive your goals, what has been SABOTAGING you from achieving them, and HOW you will begin LIVING ON PURPOSE as the CREATOR of your biggest masterpiece - YOUR LIFE.   


Who this is for


This experience is for you if you are:

  • Ready to REINVENT yourself from the inside, out.

  • Tired of repeating the same old patterns that keep you feeling stuck, and out of SPIRITUAL ALIGNMENT. 

  • Here to LEAD the way forward toward a New Paradigm of sacred community, wild creativity, and self responsibility.

  • Certain that there is MORE to life that survival, looking good, and meeting everyone else's expectations.  

  • Sitting on a DREAM PROJECT that needs legs to move out into the world.

  • Sleepwalking through your days, and wanting to feel ALIVENESS again.

What your 8-week Journey looks like


Your 8-week transformational journey is designed to be easy to fit into your full schedule or work week.  Each week, you receive a Pre-Recorded Lesson with a Companion Workbook and Reading to discuss on our weekly Group Coaching Call on Thursdays at 9-10:30AM (PST).  


We will work on topics such as shadow work, understanding our persona, identifying our sabatuers, our allies, and our deep-seated beliefs, understanding who we truly are, InVisioning our future, shifting our mindset, and designing the life, career, relationships of our dreams, using Eastern philosophy and meditation as our guide.


Option A: Group Journey

Plant yourself in a garden of fellow sisters who are committed to diving deep within their body, mind, and spirit to discover their unique treasure to offer to the world.

  • Weekly Group Calls (Thursdays at 9-10:30AM) - Spiritual Communion

  • Live Circles - Twice a month, you have an opportunity to meet in person with the group to share ideas and get support from a sacred circle of fellow sisters on the path of self-realization. (Sundays, 3-5pm)

  • Downloadable Workbook (weekly content and journal prompts to guide your journey.)

  • Weekly Recorded Lesson and Visualization

  • Companion Reading of The Yogi's Roadmap 

  • 2 Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Andrea (to be completed by the end of the program).​


Option B: Personalized Journey

Take the Group Experience to a whole new level with a Personalized Journey that includes 8 weeks of 1:1 Integrative Coaching with Andrea, in addition to the Group Work.  This is customized to your goals, specific blocks, and will offer a higher level of accountability and transformation than the group setting.  You also have access to all of the group offerings in Option A.

Are you ready to BREAK ON THROUGH to the other side?! I'm only accepting a small group of super committed individuals. Schedule an interview today to see if this is a good fit for your goals.

Yoga at Home

Karin Payette


Spending the day on top of a mountain with you was truly a blessing..I am always amazed to watch people open like flowers to share, and let go of, some of their deepest hurts...I would trust you to take me anywhere to practice yoga and enjoy a getaway.

Jocelyn S. 


Thank you for challenging me to open up and fly--literally on the Thai mat and figuratively during the fire ceremony.  It was a testament to you and the amazing group of people that I was able to share feelings that I’ve held deep inside.  The late night dance party was just what I needed after that.


Sandy Schmeck

Retired Nurse

The weekend that I spent with Andrea and Laurel truly represented a time to be held, nurtured and celebrated as a woman. I hold fond memories of warm tea, incredible goddess energy and laughter. I cannot wait to attend the next sacred space with these special ladies. 

Holly Testimonial.jpg

Holly Crawley


This experience is a MUST.  I feel renewed, revived and honored to be in the presence of such amazing women. Self-care is very important.   As I was taking care of myself, I met women who were so different but exactly the same.  It was very refreshing. 
This retreat turned out to be a sacred journey for me that day. It's hard to put on paper the deep feeling's of gratitude and pure joy that followed with peace and stillness. But that's putting it lightly. I was 100% comfortable and I felt I could be an open vessel to accept all the positive light and deep knowledge that Andrea Spacek and Laurel Odom had to share. I am very honored to be among the first to experience the pure magic that happened that day. 
If you are ready to say yes to yourself and love you for all that you deserve, then give it a try. I'm so grateful I did.  
Mitakuye-Oyasin (All My Relations).


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