Are you longing to live with more FREEDOM and ALIVENESS?

Are you tired of old stories and patterns keeping you STUCK and DISEMPOWERED?

Do you sense that a NEW EARTH begins with YOUR personal EVOLUTION?


Are you ready to RISE up and EMBODY the LEADER within?

Welcome to Invision Feminine Leadership (IFL).

IFL is a mystery school devoted to reclaiming your divine feminine power, and unleashing your inner leader.

  We don't climb the old ladders of success and power, as we were taught.  There is no "up there" pie in the sky to reach.

No, we remember, deep in our bones, that this was never the way.  

We remember that the only way is THROUGH.

Through our body, 

through our relationships,

through our psyche,

through our hearts,

through the movement,

through the myths,


we discover our power and our inner leader.

IFL is a path that follows in the footsteps of the Devi - a path of remembering how to walk as the Goddess Herself, how to trust her innate knowing, her vision, and stand bravely in her power.


We combine magick, with the grounding forces of Community, Spiritual Practice, Daily Rhythms, Monthly Moon Circles, and Accountability to alchemize your vision into reality.


IFL Integration Process

Your 3-month journey is a process of unraveling and reconstructing your story of leadership and power on a physical-psychological and emotional-spiritual level.  The IFL Integration Process offers a structure for the integration your multi-dimensional being and life.

Our Winter Session "Foundations" begins on 

Sunday, December 20th, 2020.

Claim your seat in a circle of powerful women ready to support each other and the Divine Feminine rising within you by learning how to harness your power, understand your unique blueprint, and fulfill your soul's destiny.

Registration closes on December 18, 2020 🌚 .


Andrea Spacek, E-RYT 500, Co-Active Coach,

Thai Massage Therapist, Women's Embodiment Leader

Most simply, I believe in magick  Not just that it exists, but that life itself - the body, spirit, this magnificent planet, the universe - is magick, and we are the magicians.  

We get to create a wild masterpiece with our lives, once we finally take a seat in our throne, pick up the paintbrush, and apply the full spectrum of our Self as the paint.  

Thai massage and asana help to unlock and mobilize the energy; meditation and pranayama serve to direct it; coaching accelerates the process; and women's embodiment/ leadership circles help to synthesize mind, body, heart, and purpose through the power of sangha.

I find myself dancing with them all, in partnership with the Divine Mother, as reflected in YOU.  

YOU are the way.

SHE is the path.

LOVE is the fuel.

 WE are the midwives 

for a new consciousness

being born on Earth.  

I'm so happy you're here.

Jai Jai Ma!

Andrea Seddon Spacek

Yoga at Home

Heather Harmon

COO, Red Door

This retreat was a  life-changing pivot.  It provided a point of reflection to stop and see myself against what I strive for in my life.

I have found that even in deep personal reflection alone, it is impossible to see myself in the same way I can when others are sharing the space of reflection with me.

On retreat, I made choices in my path of growth and brought them home with me, and I now have a community of sisters to share this journey with, and we support and inspire each other in our growth.


There is nothing to replace this gratitude to Andrea for creating and holding this space for us is eternal.

Karin Payette


Spending the day on top of a mountain with you was truly a blessing..I am always amazed to watch people open like flowers to share, and let go of, some of their deepest hurts...I would trust you to take me anywhere to practice yoga and enjoy a getaway.

Jocelyn S. 


Thank you for challenging me to open up and fly--literally on the Thai mat and figuratively during the fire ceremony.  It was a testament to you and the amazing group of people that I was able to share feelings that I’ve held deep inside.  The late night dance party was just what I needed after that.

Sandy Schmeck

Retired Nurse

The weekend that I spent with Andrea and Laurel truly represented a time to be held, nurtured and celebrated as a woman. I hold fond memories of warm tea, incredible goddess energy and laughter. I cannot wait to attend the next sacred space with these special ladies. 

Holly Crawley


This experience is a MUST.  I feel renewed, revived and honored to be in the presence of such amazing women. Self-care is very important.   As I was taking care of myself, I met women who were so different but exactly the same.  It was very refreshing. 
This retreat turned out to be a sacred journey for me that day. It's hard to put on paper the deep feeling's of gratitude and pure joy that followed with peace and stillness. But that's putting it lightly. I was 100% comfortable and I felt I could be an open vessel to accept all the positive light and deep knowledge that Andrea Spacek and Laurel Odom had to share. I am very honored to be among the first to experience the pure magic that happened that day. 
If you are ready to say yes to yourself and love you for all that you deserve, then give it a try. I'm so grateful I did.  
Mitakuye-Oyasin (All My Relations).


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—  Jamie, Writer and Teacher

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