Pre and Post Natal Bodywork

Prenatal Sessions

Thai Bodywork is a wonderful way to support your journey through pregnancy. Prenatal sessions are performed with the recipient in a side lying position, and propped up on pillows. I combine thai massage techniques and yoga stretches specific to pregnancy, along with Energy Work to release blockages and tension throughout the body.   Recommended session length: 60 minutes.

*Available for 2nd and 3rd Trimester Pregnancy


Postnatal Sessions

So much focus is given to pregnancy, but the post-pregnancy period (through the first year) is just as trying on the body – sometimes more – since your body is undergoing another huge transformation, and you are responsible for a new little being who needs your unending attention and care. Postnatal Thai sessions are designed to support women in this transition, physically, energetically, and emotionally. Recommended for women 3 months postpartum. Please get a doctor’s clearance before the session. Recommended session length: 90 minutes.