Andrea Spacek, RYT, CMP #62686

When I took my first Reiki training in 2004, it was clear that my journey as a healer would be a lifelong passion. Since that time, I have been exploring new ways to cultivate and access my healing potential, and expand my awareness.


I became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in 2008, and went on to teach group and private classes, assist with teacher trainings, and take training workshops. It was in one of these workshops that I was first introduced to Thai Massage. It was a perfect combination of yoga, meditation, compassionate touch, breath control, and rhythmic movement. The effect of receiving it was pure bliss. I was in love.


Shortly after moving to California from Massachusetts in 2012, I took my first Thai Massage Training with Alexandra Epple, and went on to complete the training needed to become a Certified Massage Practitioner (CMP) at the Healing Arts Institute.  Since then, I have trained with Janice Gagnon at Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage, where I learned the specialized treatment of Jap Sen Herbal Thai Massage.  


One of the aspects of Thai Massage that excites me is that it is a vast field, offering as many styles and techniques as yoga. As a practitioner, I'm always cultivating new techniques and skills to offer my clients. No two Thai Massage sessions are the same. It is an intuitive practice, directed by the vibration of energy moving through the recipient, felt through deep listening by the practitioner.


Patients have experienced release of a chronic aches or pains, freedom of movement after joint replacements, surgeries, or acute tension, and others have been able to release and process deeply held emotions. Across the board, each of my patients has left the room reporting a feeling of openness, peace, and physical freedom that they hadn't felt in a while.  


It brings me deep joy to offer this practice to you.






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—  Jamie, Writer and Teacher

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